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Taneka Sho-Na

Originally from Brooklyn NY, I moved to Newnan, GA  when my kids were small to further my career. I was in the Banking industry for over 12 years and I was a Notary for the bank. I had no knowledge there was a whole Notary world out there. I just simply did the banking notarizations as I was told; with all the restrictions on completing notarizations as a banker, I barely used my embosser or stamp.

Fast forward 10 years later of being a notary off and on~ the Pandemic hit and I found myself doing more notarizations at home which led me to start relearning and doing more research to play catch up AND what I found was a whole world of confusion on what I could and couldn’t do. I didn’t know whom to call or how to get help other than online info.

Initially, I joined a couple of groups and associations and spent unnecessary money along the way, and probably made a whole lot of uncalled-for mistakes, but had I known a Mentor or coach to help me, I would have saved a whole lot of time and headache. Maybe even just someone to turn to for guidance even if I have had to pay someone with the knowledge to just call on - on the way to doing a notarization I have never done before, maybe, just maybe I would have saved some money mistakes too!!!!

This is when I decided to be that person for other Notaries, I have taught and coached this year already over 42 women and I am showing up for Notaries who needed Me constantly!


I want to help others who choose the freedom to work from home as a Notary or Loan Signing Agent

Thrive and Get to the Bag!

I had to take the long way to the Goal but not by choice, so I'm showing other Notaries and notaries to be how to take the short way to the same destination I'm at and enjoy a life that can reward them with Freedom like its doing me!


Most people don’t know I love music, I love to dance and I love helping others with goals and then on top of that I’m business savvy. The most important thing you should know about me is that my family is everything! Being able to be home so that I can Show up when they need me is the best feeling ever!!!


well, unless I’m on one of my monthly vacay, LOL; which is also why I love being my own Boss

it's $75 for 30 minutes via ZOOM/ PHONE (choose)


Ladies and The Stamp LLC is not a law firm nor licensed to provide legal advice.  Notaries of Ladies & The Stamp LLC are not attorneys, nor licensed to give legal advice, practice law in Georgia or any other state; and may not give legal advice or accept fees for legal advice. Under GA Law, A Notary Public is prohibited by law to act in the capacity of an attorney, give advice in preparing legal documents, issue identification cards, distribute confidential information or perform any notarial act unless the signer is present.

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